Invited Lectures

Plenary speakers

Bradley M, PhD 

University of Edinburgh


Polymers on and inside cells


Bronich T, PhD  Northeastern University 

Amphiphilic copolymers as Nanoplatform for cancer therapy

Ishikawa K, PhD   Kyushu University


Bone composition artificial bone substitute


Yoshida Y, DDS/PhD  Hokkaido University

Future dentistry with antibacterial materials and implantable absorbable materials that adhere to living tissues






































Invited speakers

Akasaka T  PhD Hokkaido University Osteoclastogenesis controlled by micro/nano-patterns
Katayama Y PhD Kyushu University   New concept of cancer therapy using engineered macrophage
Lai WF  PhD The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Design and engineering of functional polymeric materials for delivery and sustained release of bioactive agents
Lai J PhD University of Washington  Enabling extracellular vesicle isolation and analysis via smart polymer reagents
Lee CH MD/PhD Chang Gung Memorial Hospital at Linkou (Cardiology) Enhancement of Re-Endothelialization and Inhibition of Neointimal Hyperplasia via Telmisartan-Loaded Nanofibers
Liao LD PhD National Health Research Institutes Understanding tumor hypoxia dynamics during enhanced permeability and retention of pancreatic cancer drugs
Moya S PhD CIC biomaGUNE Biological Fate of hydrid Nanocarries for drug delivery: Biodistribution, Degradation and surface Interactions of Nanomaterials in biological Environments
Nagasaki Y PhD University of Tsukuba Orally administered polymer micelle-type antioxidants that scavenge the intestinal ROS lead to health
Nam YS  PhD Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology  Multilamellar Protein-lipid Hybrid Nanostructures for Vaccine Delivery
Picchio M PhD POLYMAT Institute-University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU Deep eutectic solvents and Eutectogels: Novel Materials for Biomedical Applications     
Sakai Y PhD University of Tokyo New liver microphysiological systems using oxygen-permeable membranes
Sosnik A PhD Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Novel hybrid nanomaterials for sonodynamic therapy of solid tumors
Takai M PhD University of Tokyo Enzymatic Biofuel cell by biocompatible polymer hydrogel for implantable devices
Tay KPA PhD National University of Singapore Wound healing acceleration with magnetic hydrogel and microneedles
Wu KCW PhD National Taiwan University Pd-loaded, Hf-based Metal-Organic Frameworks (Pd@VNU-2) for Radiation/Photothermal Combined Therapy





































Workshop invited speakers

Chou PY MD Chang Gung Memorial Hospital at Linkou (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Craniofacial Research Center) Optimization of 3D-printed biocompatible stents simulated to assist in precision of two-jaw orthognathic surgery
Hsu MY MD/PhD Chang Gung Memorial Hospital at Linkou (Medical Imaging and Intervention) Application of biomaterial for interventional radiology: current status and unmet future
Kishida A PhD Tokyo Medical and Dental University Is decellularized tissue the same or different from traditional biomaterials?
Suzuki O PhD Tohoku University  Octacalcium phosphate: Analysis of material bioactivity and application to bone defect repair