The Organizing Committee of Biomaterials International 2022 does not recommend any accommodation or has any association with any hotel near Hokkaido University Conference Hall. Please search the hotels nearby via internet by entering “hotel near Hokkaido University Conference Hall” and reserve the accommodations you preferred by yourself.

We would like to call your attention to the following scam. As your name and scientific data are available on the webpage of the conference, scammers have the opportunity to take advantage of it. You may receive an email asking you to pay for the hotel from the scammers, so please be very careful and check where you got the letter from!


Lab Tours

In the morning of August 12, 2022, we will arrange a free half-day lab tour to the Hokkaido University.


Gathering time at the entrance of Hokkaido University Conference Hall: AM 8:30, August 12

Tour leave time: AM 9:00


Interested participants should register on-site at the registration desk.